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The company was founded at the beginning of 2020. The first boat was a Quicksilver 640 Pilothouse intended for trolling. I had already acquired the boat in question before founding the company. Since then, the boat has changed with fishing trends to a more versatile Buster Magnum. The idea to start the company was given by a passion for nature and the hobby of fishing. In addition, this has required a few coincidences, e.g. the discussion about the work of a fishing guide that started in connection with the purchase of the first guide boat and the advertisement on social media about the fishing guide's professional qualification.

The company has attracted customers from a wide area, from home to Africa. Customers have ranged from families to large tyhy groups.

In 2020, I also completed the professional qualification of a fishing guide. It was a great honor when I was chosen as the primus of the course. This professional qualification ensures that I can offer my clients not only unforgettable moments on the water, but also a safe and professional fishing experience.

I also work as a trainer for current fishing guide students, both in fishing techniques and boat handling.

At the beginning of my career, the most memorable experience was my first guide gig in Höytäinen, salmon trolling. The customer group had come from far away, and according to the weather forecast, the weather was supposed to be reasonably calm and sunny. Arriving at the boat landing place, I glanced at the lake and realized that the weather was something completely different than the forecast had promised.

At that point, I had to redo the plan for the day and think about how to get through this with honor. Well, in everything I've tried to follow the well-proven principle "You can get through it with content". After thinking for a while, I decided to take the customers to a different area than was originally planned. I knew the area was sheltered from the wind, but challenging for fishing. Despite everything, the customer managed to get the target fish and the day was very successful.

Since then I have known myself that I am on the right path.

Buster Magnum
Tero Varis
Kalastusopas Tero Varis
Tero Varis

Tero is a passionate fisherman and nature lover whose heart beats by the water. He is dedicated to offering his customers unforgettable experiences in nature that combine fishing, food and relaxation in a unique way. Tero has experienced that moving on the water and fishing offer a peaceful and relaxing environment, where people can really detach and enjoy the moment, as a counterbalance to the rush and stress of everyday life.

In addition, Tero is a self-taught chef who has honed his cooking skills with his mother's guidance and his own desire to experiment. His food combines Karelian hospitality and unique flavor combinations that take customers to a world of flavors. Tero invests in ensuring that every customer gets not only a wonderful fishing experience but also a delicious meal that fills the mind and stomach.

All in all, Tero is committed to offering its customers unforgettable experiences with nature and food. His presence and passion are reflected in every excursion, creating moments and memories that will remain long in the minds of customers

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