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1.12.- 31.4

The magic of fishing in the cold - Winter fishing unlocks nature's secrets


Winter fishing is a special and interesting way to enjoy fishing during the cold season, when the lakes and rivers are frozen.


One of the most popular forms of winter fishing is ice fishing. Ice fishing can be done in many ways. Traditionally, with a vertical jig, a jig, or even a mormuska. Ice fishing typically involves sitting on the ice and using a fishing rod equipped with a lure to catch fish.". Ice fishing is popular for its calming effect and does not require any complicated equipment.

The snowy landscape and silence is one of the charms of winter fishing.

Ice fishing offers a unique experience of the peace and quiet of nature, and for many it is more than just a hobby - it is a way of life.


Another form of winter fishing is ismete. In this form of fishing, the bait is placed under the ice, and the fisherman waits for the catch. Ismete offers an exciting experience and the opportunity to catch big fish.

Winter fishing is not just about fishing, it is also a community experience. Many anglers enjoy winter fishing with friends or family, and the moments shared on the ice create memories that last forever.


However, winter fishing requires special caution and preparation, as conditions can be extreme and change quickly. It is important to properly equip yourself with warm clothes and equipment and to ensure a safe ice thickness before going on the ice.

All in all, winter fishing offers an unforgettable way to experience nature and enjoy fishing even in winter.


Perch / Zander fishing Höytiäinen

Winter fishing, especially ice fishing for perch and zander, offers fishermen unique experiences by the icy water. When the lakes are covered in ice, the world goes silent, but underneath lies an underwater world teeming with life, where perch and zander await.

Perches often hang out in shallow, grassy areas, while Zander`s are in deeper water and close to the bottom. Often we use the sonar to find suitable fishing spots.

Ice fishing for perch and zander offers winter anglers the opportunity to experience the quiet beauty of nature, while enjoying the excitement of fishing and possible delicious catches. It's a rich winter adventure that offers both challenges and rewards for those willing to brave the cold.

Ismete kalastus

Ismete fishing

Ismete, fishing, has come to us from the neighboring country of Sweden. The first enthusiasts of this form of fishing started the sport in the 1980s. In Finland, this sport has been practiced since the 2000s.

The main focus in this sport is on catching large pike, and it is not surprising if a ten-club pike (a pike weighing more than 10 kg) emerges from under the ice. In Ismete, short rods 1-1.5 m long are used, and usually spinning reels. A three-pronged hook and a bait fish are put on the end of the line.

Frozen roach, or for example, bream are generally used as bait. Fishing takes place in the so-called by the passive capture method. When the fish has taken the bait, a marker placed on the ice indicates the fish bite. In this case, the fisherman himself gets to do the real work. While waiting for the bite, you can enjoy snacks by the campfire or learn about live sonar technology.

Most fish are returned to lake unharmed. The term catch and release is used for this.

The season is right after the first frost comes, and when the spring sun is already warming in February-April.

The sport is also suitable for a larger group,

for example as a program on a free day.

The day is crowned by a flame lunch enjoyed during a fishing vacation.

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