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Buster Magnum serves as the boat. The length of the boat is just under 7 m.

The boat is powered by a 150 hp Yamaha outboard motor. This boat combines

versatility and safety. You can do that with the same boat

casting as well as trolling. The boat is registered for max 8 persons.

Fish hiding places can be found using Humminbird electronics. From the boat

can be found e.g. Three Humminbird Helix monitors and two live sonar sensors.


The sky anchor, or the so-called bow engine.

Motorquide's most powerful engine with 105 lb of thrust can handle it

keeps the boat in place even in stronger winds.

buster magnum vene


The fishing equipment we use is of high quality and the equipment is constantly updated. We always focus on quality and use proven tools. We test all the equipment used in guide activities ourselves.


Safety is an important part of our operations. Our guides are always trained and the equipment is maintained. We update e.g. first aid skills whenever necessary. All guides are required to have at least EA1 training. Our customers are insured against damage.

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