Summer fishing

Tight lines throughout the summer – Summer fishing packages by Sisu Fishing: Perch Fishing, Zander Fishing, Casting for Pike, Trolling for Zander on Lake Höytiäinen, Trolling, Trolling for landlocked salmon and brown trout on Lake Höytiäinen, Rapids Fishing and Fishing Trip to the Mertalampi Pond

Winter fishing

We offer versatile winter fishing activities to groups both small and large. Our winter fishing packages include ice fishing for perch and ice jigging for zander. In addition to our regular lakes, we also offer guided winter fishing trips to other places according to the customer's wishes, at a mutually agreed time. Contact us for more information about our fishing tour services!



Island tours

We organize island tours of Lake Höytiäinen for varying groups by agreement. Whether you are planning a company outing or a summertime trip for a group of friends, we can provide an experienced guide with extensive knowledge of the islands. The natural beauty of the Finnish lake scene provides an amazing setting for your trip.

Outdoor Dining

In connection with the excursion, you can also order outdoor dining, for example, at a break on the island.

We prepare food using as many local ingredients as possible. Local food and clean ingredients are a matter of the heart for us.

Outdoor Dining - Sisu Fishing

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Versatile fishing activities in all seasons

Depending on the seasons, our services include trolling, casting, jigging, rapids fishing, and ice fishing. Our range of services has something for anglers of all skill levels, and we are constantly developing our operation to ensure that we are able to both challenge ourselves and offer more new experiences to our customers. We monitor the movement of fish throughout the year and test both equipment and techniques to allow you to focus on enjoying the fishing in our glorious natural waters. Read more about our extensive winter and summer fishing packages!

Preserving amateur fishing and natural environments

TalvikalastustaPreserving and developing fishing as a hobby in Finland is close to our hearts. We have experienced so many great moments while fishing in our clear waters that we want to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity. Thus, all our fishing services follow the principles of sustainable fishing and we also aim to take the nature into account as much as possible in our other activities, such as the island excursions.

We also want to increase the profile of fishing as a hobby among the younger generations. To this end, we arrange fishing courses and camps for children and youths, where the secrets of fishing are revealed through positive experiences and enjoyable time spent together. Our goal is to demonstrate what a great activity fishing can be at its best, while also indicating the various opportunities that our versatile waters teeming with fish can offer.


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