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Spring's invitation to the waters: The enchanting moments of lure fishing in the middle of awakening nature


Spring is a long-awaited time for many fishermen, because after winter, nature comes to life and the fish become active as a sign of eating. Spring fishing with different lures offers a great opportunity to catch fish as they move, attracted by the warming waters.


One of the most popular forms of spring fishing is jig fishing.

In jig fishing, jig heads and jigs are used, which are moved in the water in a way that attracts fish. In spring, fish may be active especially in shallower water areas, so jig fishing offers a good opportunity to catch prey closer to the shore.


Another popular form of lure fishing in the spring is pike casting when the waters warm up. The pike starts refueling for mating season, and they are hungry after a long winter. Pike are fished with jerks, Spinnerbait lures, soft lures, and also with traditional spoon lures.


Spring fishing requires attentiveness and patience, but often rewards with great catches and nature experiences. It is important to choose the right lures and equipment for each type of fish and water, and monitor the water temperature.

Jäätävä hauki

Pike casting

Spring is the ideal time to start pike casting from a boat, when nature wakes up from its winter sleep and the fish start to become active in the warming waters. This time offers fishermen unique opportunities to catch the pike of their dreams, as pike are especially active around the spawning areas in the spring and are actively looking for food to supplement their energy reserves.

Spring time, pike are hungry and active after spawning, which makes them suitable for casting. They are often in shallower water warming up and looking for food, so they are easier to reach and attract with lures.

Pike casting from a boat in the spring offers exciting fishing moments and the opportunity to take advantage of the pike's activity. Early spring can be one of the best times to experience the adrenaline and joy when a big pike grabs a lure. Prepare carefully, choose the right equipment and strategies, and let the spring fishing season begin with success.

Lohen vetouistelu

Trolling for salmon in the spring

As spring arrives, the lakes come to life, and many anglers eagerly await the start of the salmon trolling season. The surface of the lake shimmers as the sunlight hits it, and the surrounding landscape is filled with fresh spring air and the awakening of nature.

A spring trolling trip on the lake is like an adventure in the midst of nature. Hunting for salmon requires skill and patience, but the reward is the opportunity to catch a magnificent catch. Lures glisten in the water, enticing the salmon to strike.

As the boat glides slowly forward, a magnificent landscape unfolds around you, showing the awakening of spring in nature. The shores are green with newly sprouted leaves, and birds sing their joyful spring song. For a moment, you can forget the everyday hustle and bustle and fully surrender to the beauty and peace of nature.

When the catch finally bites the bait, the deck of the boat is filled with shouts of joy and sighs of success. The salmon's strong fight commands respect for the forces of nature. The catch is carefully lifted into the boat, and a happy smile is visible on the faces of the anglers.

A spring trolling trip on the lake offers much more than just a fishing experience. It is moments spent together in a shared hobby, enjoying the beauty of nature, and moments filled with anticipation and excitement. After spending the day in the crisp spring weather, it's nice to return to shore and share the day's stories with friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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