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A naturally beautiful lake in North Karelia.


The history of Höytiäinen

The history of fishing in Höytiäinen goes back deep into the past and has been an integral part of the business life and culture of the region. For centuries, the waters of the lake have offered abundant and versatile fishing opportunities, which has influenced the lives and traditions of the local people.

The original inhabitants, such as the Karelians, took advantage of Höytiäinen's rich fish resources as part of their livelihood. They fished different species of fish from the lake, such as pike, perch, whitefish and zander, and used the fish not only as a source of food but also for trade.


In the 19th century, with industrialization, fishing began to gain even greater importance for the region's economy. Fishing became an important part of the local business life, and the fishermen's trade became an established part of the community. Fishermen developed different fishing methods and equipment to optimize their catch.


Along with industrialization, the professionalization and commercialization of fishing also increased. Fishing communities and fishermen's village communities emerged in the surroundings of Höytiäinen, where fishing was a key source of livelihood.


Today, Höytiäinen's fishing traditions still live on as a strong part of the region's culture and heritage. Although the importance of fishing to the economy may have decreased with industrialization, it is still an important part of the identity and lifestyle of the local people. In addition, Höytiäinen nowadays also attracts recreational fishermen and tourists who appreciate the fishing opportunities and beautiful nature offered by the lake.


The Höytiäinen canal is one of Finland's youngest rivers, which started as a result of planned lake lowering at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. However, the lake lowering project carried out between 1858 and 1860 escalated in 1859, when the flood wall failed and the water uncontrollably erupted towards its current bed. The floodplain took over the area and formed a sandy canyon-like valley that it eroded into Jaamankangas. As a result of this event, a small bed was created at the bottom of the valley, which was later straightened, dredged and strengthened on its banks.


The creation of the Höytiäinen canal had significant effects on the region's ecosystem and people's lives. The lowering of the lake and the formation of the canal changed the landscape of the area and affected the local nature. In addition, the construction of the canal affected the livelihoods of the people in the area, such as fishing and agriculture.


Höytiäinen's previous lower river, Viinijoki, remained dry as a result of the lake subsidence, which was a significant change in the water dynamics of the area. This historical event tells about the change of the area and the human impact on the environment. Today, the Höytiäinen canal and its surroundings are part of the region's history and offer an interesting perspective on the region's development and natural changes.

Fish stock in Höytiäinen

Höytiäinen is located in Eastern Finland, North Karelia, and it is the second largest lake in the region after Saimaa. This lake is known for its beautiful nature, clear water and excellent fishing opportunities, making it a popular destination among fishing enthusiasts.

Regarding fishing, Höytiäinen offers versatile opportunities for both hobbyists and more experienced fishermen. The lake is home to a wide variety of fish species, including perch, grayling, pike, zander, and trout, making it an ideal place to practice different styles of fishing. Zander and salmon and trout fishing is especially popular, and large specimens can be caught in the lake, which attracts fishermen from all over Finland.

Höytiäinen is also known as a fly fishing destination, especially for trout and grayling. The lake's clean waters and diverse fishing areas offer good conditions for fly fishing, and fishing competitions and events are regularly organized in the area, which gather fishermen from near and far.

In addition, the Höytiäinen area also offers an excellent setting for other outdoor activities, such as hiking, boating and bird watching, which makes it an ideal place to spend time in nature in addition to fishing.

All in all, Höytiäinen offers a wonderful setting for fishing and enjoying nature, and it is indeed one of the gems of Eastern Finland for fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities.

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