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Fishing for groups of all ages regardless of skill level - Sisu Fishing fishing courses

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Practical guidance for safe boat handling.

Welcome to the one-day outboard boat handling course, where we focus on practical exercises and the use of a chart plotter for navigation. Our course is designed to provide effective instruction in outboard motor boat handling and navigation.


Course goals:

Control of an outboard motor boat: We practice control of an outboard motor boat in various situations, such as in the harbor, in confined spaces and in open water. We teach effective turns, stopping and evasive rules.


Using the chart plotter in navigation:

We familiarize ourselves with the basic use of the chart plotter and the navigation features it offers. We learn to navigate on the water using the chart plotter screen and the information it provides.

Safety considerations:

We go through the most important safety regulations and equipment related to the use of an outboard motor boat. We also learn how to respond to emergency situations.

Course structure:

The course consists of practical exercises on the water. During the practical teaching, students get to practice boat control and using a chart plotter in real situations.


Entry requirements:

No previous boating experience is required. Everyone who is interested in learning the basics of using an outboard motor boat and how to use a chart plotter in navigation is welcome to the course.


Course duration:

The course lasts one day (about 8 hours) and includes practical instruction in boat management and the use of a chart plotter for navigation.


Final certificate:

At the end of the course, the participants receive a certificate for the completed course. The certificate shows that the participant has attended the course and received instruction in handling an outboard motor boat and using a chart plotter in navigation.



The one-day outboard boat handling course offers practical instruction in boat control and the use of a chart plotter for navigation. With the help of our course, participants get the necessary skills for safe and efficient use of an outboard motor boat. Welcome to learn and develop as a water sportsman!


Welcome to the jig fishing basics course! Our course offers a comprehensive and practical learning experience about the basics of jig fishing. You will learn to identify various equipment suitable for jig fishing, such as jigs and fishing tackle, as well as the right techniques for using them.

Content of the course:
Basics of jig fishing: Let's get to know the basic concepts of jig fishing.
Fishing equipment: Learn how to choose the right type of equipment for jig fishing and how to use it.
Using jigs: Practice using different jigs and their fishing techniques.
Identifying fishing spots: We learn to read water bodies and identify potential fishing spots.
Practical exercises: Take part in practical exercises and get guidance from professionals.
The course is suitable for everyone interested in jig fishing, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced fisherman. Join us to learn new skills and enjoy the exciting world of jig fishing!

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Jigikalastus ja jatkokurssi


Welcome to the jig course, where, in addition to jig fishing, we delve more deeply into the interpretation of sonar and electronic maps and how to fish with them!


This course provides a comprehensive overview of jig fishing and the use of sonar. We start the course with the basics, different sonar techniques. During the course, 2D, CHIRP and LIVE sonar techniques will be reviewed, as well as the operation of the sounder in practice. We learn about different features, such as reading the screen and identifying fish.


We will learn how a sonar and map can help us locate fishing spots and structures that attract fish.

In the course, the use and operation of the sonar is practiced in practice. We practice different techniques of jigging and learn how we can make jig fishing even more efficient with the help of a sonar.


Trolling is growing in popularity among fishermen every year, and our abundant waters offer a great setting for the hobby. Join us to get to know the basics of trolling with an experienced fishing guide.

We organize basic drag trolling courses at separately agreed times. The course covers the most important tools, equipment and technology used in trolling. At the same time, we also get to know the electronics used in trolling, such as the use of echo sounders.

The fishing courses are run by an instructor with a professional qualification as a fishing guide, who also has versatile experience in various fishing waters and a long hobby background in trolling. In our fishing courses, we have the same starting points as in our other activities, we act customer-oriented and we strive to organize the activity individually so that it meets the wishes of our customers in the best possible way.
In all activities of our fishing courses, we follow the principles of sustainable fishing. Otherwise, we take ecological aspects into account in our operations and when moving on the water. Finnish fishing waters and wonderful nature are close to our hearts, and we want to be involved in protecting them for future generations in our own activities.

Fishing Rod
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Fishing offers a nice time together in nature and experiences of success when you catch your first fish.

We offer fishing courses for children aged 9-17 and young people. The purpose of these fishing courses is to arouse interest in the hobby of fishing and to offer experiences of success in the hobby of fishing. In addition to fishing, the course teaches how to move in water and goes through fishing in accordance with the principles of sustainable fishing. Domestic nature and fishing waters are close to our hearts and we want to teach their appreciation to the growing generations as well. Maintaining and passing on fishing culture that maintains fish stocks and respects traditions to young people are things we want to be part of.

In addition to fishing technique, tools and fishing, the day includes a nice time together by nature and water bodies. Successful fishing trips encourage you to take up the hobby and the structure of the days is always planned individually, taking into account the composition of the group. On fishing trips for younger people, the days are kept suitably short so that everyone's enthusiasm is maintained and the atmosphere remains high for the whole group.

Fishing courses are organized at a separately agreed time. If you wish, we also organize camp-style fishing activities for young people, which involves learning to be in nature.

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