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Rental terms

This text concerns the rental of jet skis through Sisu Fishing Oy. In the agreement, "Rental Company" refers to Sisu Fishing Oy, and "Renter" refers to the person who rents the boat/jet ski.

Rental Price:

The rental price is agreed upon separately based on the duration of the rental and the use of the vehicle. The price includes [possible additional services or equipment].

Renter's Deductible:

The Renter agrees to pay a deductible of €1500 for any damages that may occur during the rental period. The deductible applies to each individual damage separately.

Security Deposit:

The Renter agrees to pay a security deposit of €500 at the beginning of the rental period. The deposit will be refunded when the Renter returns the vehicle undamaged and in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement.

Vehicle Tracking Device:

The vehicle is equipped with a tracking device intended for monitoring the vehicle's location and ensuring safety during the rental period. The Renter accepts this and may not remove or damage the tracking device during the rental.


The vehicle may only be used on routes and destinations specified by the Renter and approved by the Rental Company.

The Renter agrees to use the vehicle properly and adhere to all traffic rules and regulations.

The Renter may not transfer the vehicle to a third party without the Rental Company's consent.

Renter's Obligations:

The Renter agrees to take proper care of the rented vehicle and keep it in good condition during the rental period. If the rented vehicle is damaged or harmed during the rental, the Renter is obligated to compensate for the damages.

Late Return Fee:

If the vehicle is returned after the rental period has ended, the Rental Company has the right to charge a late return fee. The fee is €100 per hour, calculated from the beginning of the hour. The total amount of the fee is determined by the duration of the delay.

Release of Liability for Sisu Fishing Oy:

The Renter releases Sisu Fishing Oy from all liability, including personal and property damages, that may arise from the use of the vehicle or its technical defects during the rental period.


The Renter is responsible for damages and expenses resulting from the use of the vehicle.

The Renter agrees not to transfer the vehicle to third parties.

Damages and Maintenance:

The Renter agrees to immediately inform the Rental Company of any damages or technical issues.

The Rental Company is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.

Cancellation Policy:

The Renter must notify of any cancellations at least 7 days before the start of the rental. A late cancellation fee of €150 will be charged.

Applicable Law:

This rental agreement is subject to Finnish law.

Use of the Vehicle under the Influence:

The Renter agrees not to use the vehicle under the influence. The use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances is strictly prohibited. The Renter acknowledges that driving under the influence may lead to serious consequences, such as accidents and damages, and releases Sisu Fishing Oy from all liability for any accidents or damages that may occur. In addition, Sisu Fishing Oy has the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement if the Renter violates this rule.

Rental Periods:

Day:  One rental day is considered to begin at the start of the rental and end at the same time the following day.

Hour:  Rental on an hourly basis is calculated from the start of the rental to the time specified in the rental agreement.

Week:  The rental week is considered to begin on the start date of the rental and end on the same day of the following week.

Fri-Sun:  A rental period from Friday (Fri) to Sunday (Sun), covering the period between the start time on Friday and the end time on Sunday.

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