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Autumn Lure Fishing - A colorful time by the water


Autumn offers a wonderful opportunity to experience unforgettable moments with lure fishing. When the temperature drops and nature begins to turn into wonderful autumn colors, the fish also become active and start preparing for winter. This makes autumn a particularly favorable time for lure fishing.


In autumn, fish such as pike and perch are more active in terms of feeding as they gather strength for the winter. Autumn is often a fisherman's golden time. Eating times are usually shorter, but all the more fulfilling.


Different lure fishing techniques, such as jig fishing, jerking, and casting can be effective in the fall, depending on the type of fish and the water conditions. Our experienced fishing guides know these techniques and know how to choose the best working equipment and lures for each situation.


So autumn lure fishing offers a wonderful opportunity to experience colorful moments by the water and catch wonderful catches. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, an autumn lure fishing trip can be an unforgettable experience that will stay in your mind for a long time.


So go on an autumn lure fishing adventure with us and experience the beauty of autumn on the water.

Ahven nappaa syksyllä hyvin

Perch casting

Fall brings cooler waters and changes in perch behavior, making it an ideal time to cast perch from a boat. This time of year awakens the perch to actively feed in preparation for the winter, which provides excellent opportunities for anglers to get good catches by jigging and using different lures.

In autumn, perch gather in large schools and are more active in their search for food, which makes them easier to reach. The cooled water causes the perches to move to deeper waters. Fishing from a boat allows access to these areas where the perch hang out.

Autumn perch fishing from a boat offers both challenges and rewarding experiences. When you combine the right strategy, equipment and patience, you can enjoy a successful day of fishing and catch some nice perch. Autumn brings the waters to life and offers unforgettable moments by the water as nature prepares for winter.

Lohen vetouistelu syksyllä

Salmon trolling

Trout and lake salmon are especially active in the fall as they prepare for the coming winter. They eat a lot to store energy, which makes them more susceptible to lures.

The cooling waters of autumn cause trout and lake salmon to move closer to the surface or to other depths accessible to fishermen. This makes it easier to reach them compared to summer, when the fish can spend time in deeper and harder-to-reach water layers.

Fishing in autumn offers not only the opportunity for good catches, but also to enjoy the beautiful color changes of the surrounding nature. The russet colors and cooler air make the fishing experience particularly pleasant.

However, fishing in autumn requires preparation and adaptation to the conditions, such as appropriate equipment for colder conditions and taking into account the shortening of daylight. With proper preparation, autumn trolling can offer unforgettable experiences and opportunities to catch valuable catches.

Harjusta järvestä

Grayling casting fishing

Grayling is a wonderful and valued fish that offers fishermen a unique challenge and unforgettable experiences on the water. Harjus is known for its agile and powerful fight, which makes catching it especially exciting.


In casting fishing for grayling, light and sensitive equipment is usually used, which enables a sensitive feel for the movements of the fish.

Small wobblers, spoons or flies are popular lures for catching grayling. The angler must be attentive and careful, as grayling can be timid and wary of taking the bait.


Casting fishing of Grayling offers not only an exciting fishing experience but also the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery and the peace of nature. It is also an excellent way to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while.


Our experienced fishing guides are ready to share their knowledge and experience of grayling casting and ensure that you have an unforgettable and fulfilling fishing adventure.

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